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Portable Veterinary ultrasound Machine
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we are whole and retail sellers of Portable Ultrasound machine brands


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Konted Wireless ultrasound probe

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Butterfly iQ

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Carejoy Veterinary Ultrasound Machine

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Why Choose Us

If you are shopping for a new or used portable ultrasound machine you have come to the right place! We’ve seen a lot of things change in ultrasound since we started offering refurbished console ultrasound systems in 2004. It was through this period of time with technological advancements specifically in diagnostic imaging which allowed for smaller footprints in design that we decided to switch our focus to the portable side of ultrasound systems and was born. In that same span of time we’ve also seen a lot of ultrasound vendors come and go. Now, more than ever, you the consumer have so many choices of companies that offer the same products and services as Portablesonics.

We approach every client with the understanding that every individual deserves special attention in order to navigate through the hundreds of options in the ultrasound marketplace. We know the right questions to ask that help determine what your precise clinical needs are. Our appreciation for the opportunity to customize and configure portable ultrasound machine choices catered to meet your needs is only superseded by our willingness to get you the best service before, during, and after this acquisition process. PORTABLESONICS is an FDA-registered company, in compliance with the California State Board of Pharmacy, and authorized to legally sell class II medical devices.  


The Latest Portable Ultrasound Machine Technology

Portablesonics offers the latest medical imaging technology with ultrasounds machines that will meet your needs. Our ultrasound systems include features like high-definition image quality, doppler, guided needle injection, and much more.

Portable Ultrasound Machines for Every Application

Find an ultrasound machine that is perfect for your application including ultrasound for Abdominal Ultrasound Imaging, Cardiac Ultrasound, Anesthesiology Ultrasound, OB / GYN Ultrasound, and Musculoskeletal Ultrasound or MSK Ultrasound.

Trusted Portable Ultrasound Machine Brands

At Portablesonics, we sell ultrasounds from many top manufacturers. Choose from trusted ultrasound brands like Mindray Ultrasound, Konted Ultrasound, Butterfly IQ Ultrasound, Samsung Ultrasound, SonoSite Ultrasound, and more!

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Customers review

They have strong and reliable portable ultrasonic machines and a very welcoming customer service.
Adam Sendler
X-RAY Technician
Our clinic has had the best experience on sonography since we purchased some ultrasound machine. we handle more patience because these machines are easy portable
Mila Kunis
We have had all our ultrasound machines delivered by them all these years and we hope to continue. portablesonics have the best devices there's and with good remarks
Mike Sendler
Medical Technologist

Portable Ultrasound Machine Brands We Carry

You can send quote to get a specific brand ultrasound you don’t find in our shop