FineCare Vet Canine Progesterone Analyzer Testing Machine (Analyzer ONLY)



portable canine progesterone analyzer

us Vet Progesterone Analyzer from Wondfo USA

The FineCare Veterinary Analyzer conducts an immunoassay analysis based on fluorescence technology to measure progesterone in Serum blood samples from female dogs and generates prompt quantitative results for management of breeding. All units come with a 1 year replacement warranty as well as lifetime technical customer support. TransMed is a long-time Authorized Dealer of Wondfo Products.

What makes the Wondfo Analyzer different than other units on the market, besides the accuracy of the tests, is the test kits themselves….Wondfo’s Progesterone Test kits have a 2 year shelf life. They also DO NOT need to be stored in a refrigerator. Room temperature storage makes shipping & storage of the test a lot cheaper. They are also less expensive per test than other units tests available averaging about $9 per test.

Included with this Purchase: Wondfo FineCare Vet Analyzer, user manual, power supply, 75uL Pipette, System check cartridge along with a 1 year warranty and top notch customer service.

Also Wondfo’s Customer Service is 2nd to none!  Wondfo has a worry free warranty….Free register…Free online videos…Free phone line call for help….They have available detailed training videos that cover everything even if you had never performed a P4 test in the past.  They consist of how to run a sample, how to prepare a sample, as well as how to use the Fincare Software.  Wondfo also has a toll free phone number which will directly bring you to a live Fincare Vet Specialist.  Other support measures are email as well as online chat support! One other very important bit of information….Wondfo has offices here in the USA and carries all products as well as test kits here. Fully stocked and ready to ship from their US Offices!

portable canine progesterone analyzer

If you have any question regarding our Wondfo Fincare Vet Analyzers please feel free to call us us and we will be happy to answer all of your questions.

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Finecare Vet Canine Progesterone testing machine

Affordable Canine Progesterone testing for Dog Breeders, and Veterinarians alike. Everything you will ever need to save your time, and profit big with your own in-house Canine Progesterone testing and support!

TransMed is an authorized Wondfo FineCare dealer. Your finecare Vet system comes with the best in the industry 1- Year Replacement Warranty!


portable canine progesterone analyzer

Required to Run the Analyzer Correctly
  • Micro Centrifuge
  • Vortex Mixer
  • 20-200ul Calibrated Pipette
  • Finecare Test Kits (SOLD SEPARATELY)
Features and Benefits
  • One (1) year replacement warranty included
  • Optional (2) year replacement warranty that will save you $100!
  • Ongoing Technical Support!
  • Fast shipping to your location
  • We ship the testing kits the same day if ordered by 2:00pm Eastern Time
  • Unlimited Professional Support Team which includes a customer support portal with videos, up to date Progesterone timing charts, and FAQ’s


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